Recipe: Waterfowl Schnitzel

If you have finicky waterfowl eaters in your house or hunting camp, this recipe will either fool them or convert them to feasting on migratory fowl.

Recipe: Chicken-Wing Style Goose Legs

When prepared properly, goose legs are extremely tender and offer a wide range of cooking options. Season them to taste like your favorite chicken wings, and you’ll be shopping for more goose decoys before you know it.

Recipe: Instant Pot Duck & Wild Rice

Duck and wild rice is a classic combination, but this recipe takes it up a notch with dried fruit and savory spices. Adding the Instant Pot into the equation means dinner is on the table faster than ever and your waterfowl is guaranteed to remain tender and moist.

Recipe: Duck Gumbo

A steaming pot of gumbo is a wonderful way to utilize any waterfowl you still have in the freezer. It’s quick and easy to prepare—a long simmer does the rest of the work.

Recipe: Swan & Cherry Casserole

Swan is often given a bad rap as table fare, but this recipe will have you looking skyward for white birds with long necks and wide wingspans.

Recipe: Snow Goose Spread

Snow goose is fine-grained meat that breaks down easily, making it the ideal candidate for a spread. Despite the bad rap it’s often given as table fare, roasted snow goose can compete with any protein needed to make a special starter to your dinner party.

Recipe: Duck Ragu

Wild duck is dark, flavorful meat that should be embraced for its texture and rich taste. Ragù not only allows the meat to hold its flavor but enhances it with a rich sauce and aromatic vegetables.

Recipe: Duck Crust Pizza with Dried Fruit and Feta

Lean ground duck makes a fantastic base for a unique crust, and topped with dried fruit and feta, this pizza is perfect for those looking for a new and exciting meal.

Recipe: Honey Ginger Crane

Sandhill crane has earned its reputation as one of the best-eating migratory waterfowl, and can be enjoyed in any dish where tender, delicious protein is desired. This recipe is a great way to enjoy this tasty bird, where the flavor of the meat stands up to the rest of the dish.


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