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3 Step Plan To Tag A Tom Lead

A 3-Step Plan to Tag a Tom

Here’s a basic three-step turkey hunting plan devised to put the odds in your favor this spring.

Accessing Peak Performance

On a West Texas hunt, where shots can go long, a capable rifle is only part of the equation. Success requires peak performance from the shooter, too.

U.S. House Votes to Delist the Recovered Gray Wolf

Last week, the House of the United States Congress voted to end federal protections for grey wolves in the lower 48 states.

Member’s Hunt: Dad’s Tom

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Charles Toplikar of Newnan, Ga.

Turkey Calling by Subspecies

Ever wonder whether the difference between turkey subspecies extends to calling as well? We take a look at the different strategies used to hunt different birds.

Member’s Hunt: A Deer Camp to Remember

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Jacob Rosenmeier of Boonville, Ind.

A Minimalist Approach to Turkeys

We explore the minimalist approach to turkey hunting, with a walkthrough of how to go "barebones" for springtime Toms.

Vermont Considers Expanding Wildlife Board to Non-Hunters

A bill has passed the Vermont Senate seeking to expand the state's Fish and Wildlife Board to non hunters, while simultaneously amending state law to ban some hunting practices.

Why There’s No Turkey Like the Eastern

Eastern birds just seem to be wiser and uncannily adept at escaping us. If you don’t believe it, you’d best read this before trying your luck on an Eastern tom.

Must-Have Gear for a DIY Sheep Hunt

It’s not every day you draw a sheep tag, so when you do, you want to be ready. But what does “ready” look like? Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll want to make sure you have when you go after a once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

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