What’s the Best Load for Coyotes?

So you want to shoot coyotes, but you don't want to damage the hide. Here's what you should be using.

Do Mechanical Broadheads Fly Just Like Field Points?

Field Editor and BullShooter-in-Chief Jeff Johnston wants to know: Do mechanical broadheads have a different point of impact than their field point brethren?

Customer Service Still Exists

Good products and outstanding service have become such a rarity, it seems, that when one encounters both it is worthy of a mention.

Will a Foam Target Sharpen Your Broadhead?

Can a foam target really sharpen the edge of your favorite broadhead in a shot or two? Field Editor Jeff Johnston investigates.

What to Do With a Tag You Can't Use

Ever been rewarded with a game tag that you honestly don't have the time or means to use? Don't let it go to waste.

BullShooters: What's the Best Bullet for Elk at 400 Yards?

And who's qualified to answer such a question?

BullShooters: What Makes for an Accurate Rifle?

We all want rifles that shoot better than we do, but what really goes into creating such a work of art? They don’t happen by accident (actually, sometimes they do), so what goes into making one shoot tiny little groups on-demand? Keith Wood may have found the Bible.

Is Your Suppressor Tight?

With more and more states legalizing the common sense practice of hunting with suppressors to protect our hearing, more hunters than ever will take their rifles afield this year with new devices attached to their muzzles.

BullShooters: Will Birdshot Penetrate a Wall?

Jeff Johnston has often heard that homeowners looking for a home defense round should use a shotgun “with birdshot” because it won’t penetrate walls and therefore can't hurt family members in other rooms. But does that theory really hold up?

BullShooters: 7 Suppressor Myths

Because silencers (or suppressors) have been regulated and priced out of the average Americans’ means since 1934 (the required federal $200 tax stamp on a 3.50 Maxim silencer equated to $3,500 in 1934 dollars), many folks misunderstand the laws associated with owning one. Here are seven myths—and the seven corresponding truths—about silencer ownership.

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