BullShooters: 7 Suppressor Myths

posted on June 3, 2015

Because silencers (or suppressors) have been regulated and priced out of the average Americans’ means since 1934 (the required federal $200 tax stamp on a 3.50 Maxim silencer equated to $3,500 in 1934 dollars), many folks misunderstand both the laws associated with owning one. Here are seven myths—and the seven corresponding truths—about silencer ownership.

Myth 1: Silencers are illegal to own.
False. Right now, 39 states allow ownership of silencers and 34 states allow hunting with them. See the map here.

Myth 2: It takes a year or more to get a silencer.
“Right now (May, 2015) the BATF’s wait time is around 3 months,” said Jeremy Mallette of Silencer Shop. Then it’s up to the dealer to get your silencer to you.

Myth 3: The ATF can enter your house at any time.
Patently false. “In fact," Mallette says, "You have the same rights as before you purchased a silencer.”

Myth 4: You have to pay an annual fee to own a silencer.
Nope. It’s a one-time $200 tax stamp per silencer. 

Myth 5: You can only use your silencer on one gun.
Incorrect. You can use it on any gun.

Myth 6: You must have a class III license to own a silencer.
“Reality is, only your FFL needs a Class III license to buy and sell without paying a tax. You can own a silencer with a $200 tax stamp,” said Mallette.

Myth 7: You must get fingerprinted to get a silencer.
This one's trueif you register as an individual. But you can also form a legal trust, which can allow you to acquire a silencer without having to submit fingerprints.


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