Recipe: Wild Game Pie

This wild game pie has it all, with a delicious ‘comfort food’ taste that’s sure to have your family and friends begging for seconds.

Recipe: Elk Königsberger Klopse

If you’re short on time and want to make a meal that tastes as if you’ve slaved over the development of a gourmet sauce, this recipe is for you.

Recipe: Snow Goose Spread

Snow goose is fine-grained meat that breaks down easily, making it the ideal candidate for a spread. Despite the bad rap it’s often given as table fare, roasted snow goose can compete with any protein needed to make a special starter to your dinner party.

Recipe: Meatza Deluxe—A Hunter’s Pizza

If you like pizza, you’re going to love building a pie with a meat crust. That’s right—a meat crust—topped with tomato sauce, veggies and lots of cheese. Do we have your attention yet?

Recipe: Venison and Mushroom Pie

This delicious recipe requires minimal ingredients, and can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer for quick, easy weeknight meals the whole family will enjoy.

Recipe: Honey Garlic Goose Legs

This simple slow cooker recipe is a great way to create fall-off-the-bone goose legs with a sauce that will leave you itching to hunt more geese.

Recipe: Unstuffed Venison Cabbage Rolls

Venison lends itself well to unstuffed cabbage rolls, as the lean meat and rice hold its flavor with other simple ingredients. This is a great dish to make for hunting camp, as it can feed a small crew for several days.

Recipe: Sous Vide Elk Tenderloin

A juicy, flavorful sous vide steak is easier and more affordable than ever to prepare at home. Your meat is guaranteed to be cooked to the perfect temperature every time, removing all guesswork on your end.

Recipe: Smoky Double Meat Chili

This chili recipe ensures meat in every bite, whether you eat it with a fork or spoon, and the combination of ground and cubed meat provides diverse texture and flavor.

Recipe: Elk Stuffed Mushrooms

This delicious dish makes an excellent hors d’oeuvre or main course. If you’re looking to show off your wild-game culinary skills, this recipe should be added to your arsenal.

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