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Is the LifeProof iPhone Case Really “Lifeproof?"

Is the LifeProof iPhone Case Really “Lifeproof?"

The Product
Just short of a year ago, at the 2013 SHOT Show, I was given a sample of LifeProof’s iPhone 4S Case.

The Claim
The manufacturer claims that this case is “waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, and dirtproof."

The Test
Instead of merely performing a few stunts such as throwing the phone into a pool of water (which I did), or dropping it on a hard floor (which I did), I decided to really give it a test of real life.

I am hard on phones—my phone goes everywhere with me (I would get bored on the toilet without it) and I have a tendency to drop it…a lot (fortunately, not in the toilet). I’ve taken this phone to the beach, on duck hunts in the rain, on horseback hunts in the high country (rain, snow, rocks), I wear it on my arm to play music when I run, the works. All of those real-life tests would be great, but the biggest test is what I call the Toddler Test.

The Toddler Test
My daughter was 6 months old when I brought home this case, and she’s fascinated with my phone. This phone has been chewed-on while she’s teething (I washed it after the aforementioned bathroom trip), drooled-on excessively, dropped on hardwood floors hundreds of times, stepped on, and smeared with unmentionable fluids. Needless to say, my phone has had a rough go of it.

The Result
Through all of this, the case has protected my phone from all hurt, harm, and danger. I’ve literally done everything short of beat this phone with a hammer and the LifeProof case has protected it. After a year of abuse (especially the chewing), the corners are getting a little dog-eared but that hasn’t diminished the function. This case clearly meets its claims. I’ve added a LifeProof case to my iPad as well.

The Guarantee
Lifeproof has a “Total Water Protection” program where they’ll replace your phone for $50 if it sustains water damage within a year of you buying one of their cases.

Ok, maybe we'll do a little water testing

The Alternative
My wife doesn’t have a LifeProof case on her phone, and she takes FAR better care of her stuff than I do. Nonetheless, a couple of weeks she dropped her phone and shattered the screen. Even with phone insurance, it was a $100 mistake.

The Ruling
A phone can be a lifeline when you’re out hunting. The LifeProof case will protect your phone from whatever you (or your kids) throw at it.

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