Dangerous Game Rifles (Part III)

The long-awaited third part of our series on dangerous game rifles.

Dangerous Game Rifles (Part IV)

Our dangerous-game rifle series finale!

Dangerous Game Rifles (Part II)

The second part of our series on dangerous game rifles.

Dangerous Game Rifles

Like all hunting guns, dangerous game rifles must be able to strike with precision for clean, ethical kills.

Is the Mauser “Claw Extractor” Foolproof?

Is the claw extractor, introduced by Wilhelm & Paul Mauser in the late 1800s, an infallible system of feeding and extraction? The BullShooters investigate.

Shhh, Craftsman at Work

Rigby is back. For the first time since prior to WWI, customers can order a genuine Mauser Model 98 barreled action.

Mauser Model 12

The new Model 12 from Mauser gives hunters German quality at an American price.

Hardware: Mauser Model 12

German factory rifles normally come with precisely made actions, match-grade barrels, well-bedded stocks and excellent triggers. That’s because Germans expect hunting rifles to work extremely well directly from the factory. The new Mauser Model 12 made a favorable impression right from the start.

Rigby Returns

One hundred four years after it was designed, the venerable .416 Bore made famous on the game fields of Africa is again being made in London on a genuine Mauser Magnum action.

5 Rifle Cartridges That Need to Make a Comeback

Here are a handful of cartridges that have fallen out of favor with the general hunting public, but still worthy of your time afield.

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