The 5 Most Common Wild Game Cooking Mistakes

Wild game is nothing like the meat you find on store shelves, and preparing it wrong can lead to disaster. Here are some wild game cooking mistakes you can avoid.

Recipe: Swan & Cherry Casserole

Swan is often given a bad rap as table fare, but this recipe will have you looking skyward for white birds with long necks and wide wingspans.

Recipe: Smoky Double Meat Chili

This chili recipe ensures meat in every bite, whether you eat it with a fork or spoon, and the combination of ground and cubed meat provides diverse texture and flavor.

Recipe: Wild Game Donair

Elk, moose and deer all work extremely well for making donair, and can be enjoyed in a traditional pita sandwich, on pizza, as sandwich meat or as a snack.

Recipe: Bear Bangers

This banger recipe is easy to make and can be packaged and frozen for multiple quick, delicious meals.

Recipe: Meatza Deluxe—A Hunter’s Pizza

If you like pizza, you’re going to love building a pie with a meat crust. That’s right—a meat crust—topped with tomato sauce, veggies and lots of cheese. Do we have your attention yet?

Recipe: Venison Salisbury Steak

If you have some extra ground venison in the freezer, whip up a batch of Salisbury steak. It’s easy to make and a great dish to bring to hunting camp.

Recipe: Snow Goose Pate

Goose pâté makes a great appetizer and can be taken to the blind in a cooler, along with cheese, crackers, pickles and snacks.

Recipe: Beer and Maple Glazed Venison

This recipe is great for lean wild game where keeping the meat moist while cooking is critical, and features a unique glaze built with sweet spice and ingredients to add a candied finish.

Recipe: Baked Venison Chimichangas

A flour tortilla stuffed with ground, seasoned venison that’s baked to a crispy brown finish is ... mmm, good. Want a taste? Check out our recipe then preheat the oven.

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