Carbon Express Introduces D-Stroyer Arrow Series

posted on June 26, 2020
Carbon Express has released a new line of dual-spine arrows, termed the D-Stroyer series. With three options to choose from, D-Stroyer arrows are designed to maximize the performance of Dual-Spine Weight-Forward technology, which promises to deliver twice the accuracy and performance of a single-spine arrow.

The newly available arrows are the D-Stroyer MX Hunter, the D-Stroyer SD and the standard D-Stroyer. The MX Hunter boasts both Buff Tuff Plus and Camo Buff Tuff exterior finishes, a BullDog nock collar, two-inch Quadel Raptor vanes and LaunchPad Precision nocks. They are also sorted and matched by spine (+/- .0025) and weight (+/- 1.0 grain) for consistency. MX Hunters are sold in 400, 350 and 300 spine configurations.

The D-Stroyer SD, which stands for "small diameter," maximizes energy and penetration for less wind drift, with a .203-inch internal diameter. Similar to the MX Hunters, they are sorted by weight and utilize LaunchPad Precision nocks. Further, they are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch. With a K360 carbon-weave outer layer and two-inch Quadel vanes, the D-Stroyer SDs are available in 400 and 350 spines.

Finally, standard D-Stroyers are the same as the SD variants, with the exception of a standard-size internal diameter.

For more information on this complete new arrow line, please visit


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