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H&N Sport Announces Sniper Magnum Pellets

H&N Sport Announces Sniper Magnum Pellets

Airgun enthusiasts will soon have ammunition that represents the best of two worlds. H&N Sport's new Sniper Magnum pellets are designed to offer long-range accuracy without sacrificing downrange energy.

The new pellets feature a barrel-shaped design, which is meant to maximize their long-range performance. The elongated shape is crafted to reduce drag and produce a flatter trajectory, without losing velocity. It also helps H&N maximize the pellets' weight in order to provide improved downrange accuracy.

Like all of the company's pellets, the Sniper Magnum product features H&N's proprietary surface treatment, which helps slow oxidation and reduces lead abrasion. 

 The Sniper Magnum will be available in .177 and .22 calibers.

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