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Winchester Varmint X Shotshell

There's no doubt about it, Winchester's Shot-Lok technology has been a full-fledged revolution. Though originally designed with turkeys in mind, the concept has expanded to upland loads and, for 2016, will enter a not-so-feathered market. Coyotes, hogs and varmints the world over will be testing their luck against Varmint X shotshells going forward.

The core concept is what you'd expect. The new predator shotshell features the same Shot-Lok resin that has made Long Beard XR a devastating turkey load. Where it separates itself from the predator shotshell pack, though, is in payload delivery. Whereas most predator shotguns hells rely on #00 Buck, and thus seven or eight pellets, tops, the Varmint X loads will be available in BB. What shot loses in size, though, it gains in pattern density. With more pellets at its disposal and the Shot-Lok resin, Varmint X puts the hammer to its target. Need more convincing? The photo embedded below is the spread we saw when we tested the new load at 60 yards. Yes, 60 yards.

Our Web Managing Editor, Shawn Skipper, will be putting the new Varmint X shotshells to work next week in Texas. We'll have more coverage after he gets back. In the meantime, be sure to check out the video embedded above for more info.

For more information, go to Winchester.com.

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