Recipe: Venison Dutch Croquettes

Dutch croquettes look like dumplings, but have a crisp breading surrounding a delicious meat mixture that is soft and creamy in texture. This recipe works well with leftovers from a larger piece of meat or ground meat from any wild game.

Recipe: Venison Pastrami and the Ultimate Sandwich

You can eat this pastrami like any fine charcuterie, but make sure to save some thin slices for your next sandwich.

Recipe: Moose Swiss Steak

This recipe is simple to prepare with any venison, but if you’re fortunate enough to have moose, it will top your charts. The long-grained meat works well to create flavorful steaks that are slow cooked to perfection.

Recipe: Smoky Double Meat Chili

This chili recipe ensures meat in every bite, whether you eat it with a fork or spoon, and the combination of ground and cubed meat provides diverse texture and flavor.

Recipe: Unstuffed Venison Cabbage Rolls

Venison lends itself well to unstuffed cabbage rolls, as the lean meat and rice hold its flavor with other simple ingredients. This is a great dish to make for hunting camp, as it can feed a small crew for several days.

Recipe: Crispy Ginger Venison

This sweet and savory dish has a crispy texture that will leave a lasting impression on your family and friends, and can be prepared in under 40 minutes.

Recipe: Venison Chili

Chili is a great way to utilize ground venison, and the ingredients in this recipe will transform any "gamey" taste that may be present to one that anyone will savor.

Recipe: Venison Bulgogi Sticks

The garlic, sesame seed and sugar marinade make this recipe a natural for wild game, and the fact that it can be cooked and eaten off a stick makes it ideal for barbecue get-togethers or hunting camp.

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Venison with Pineapple

Those in need of a quick, tasty meal will appreciate the simplicity of this recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

Recipe: Venison Egg Rolls

This venison egg roll recipe is easy to make and impressively delicious.

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