NRA Whittington Center: Vacation Mecca for Folks Like Us

Named after former NRA president George R. Whittington, the 33,000-acre Whittington Center complex was purchased in 1973 and opened four years later. It has since become a must-see destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bookshelf: Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers

Hunting with handguns has been done by many, but few have the expertise under their belt like Max Prasac, who has decades of experience and has authored two other books on revolvers.

Photos: 2017 National Youth Hunter Education Challenge

YHEC is many things. Here is a small taste of what the Youth Hunter Education Challenge has to offer.

2017 Waterfowl Forecast Released, Duck Population Numbers Remain High

The 2017 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey was released in August, and things are looking good for North America’s duck population, considering the 2017 survey is the fifth highest annually reported total breeding duck population since the start of the survey in 1955.

Bookshelf: Gun Digest’s Big Book of Ballistics

Assistant Editor Connor McKibbin takes a closer look at Gun Digest's new Big Book of Ballistics.

2017's Best States for Whitetail

We've crunched the numbers. Here are 2017's best states to hunt whitetail deer.

2017's Worst 3 States for Whitetail

We've already discussed what we feel will be the best states in which to hunt whitetail deer in 2017. But what about the other side of the coin? What about the states you should avoid?

NRA YHEC 2017: Growing Hunters for America

Since its inception, YHEC has helped 1.3 million youngsters to gain that hands-on experience, and they’re better hunters for it.

First Light: NRA Introduces Online Hunter Education Course

Here's why NRA's free online hunter education course,, is the new standard by which all other hunter safety courses will be judged.

8 Reasons to Attend the Great American Outdoor Show

Here's just a handful of the many reasons to make the trip to the Great American Outdoor Show this year, held in Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 3-11.

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