How to Eliminate Scent for Coyote Hunting

It's not easy to fool a coyote's nose—but it's not impossible, either. Here are a few tips.

Know-How: Kill More Coyotes with Electronic Callers

With electronic predator callers, the modern-day coyote hunter has at his disposal a massive sound library at the touch of a button.

Review: Kimber Montana Bolt-Action Rifle

A diehard predator hunter takes a comprehensive look at Kimber's Montana rifle.

2018’s Top New Ground Blinds

Check out three innovative ground blinds introduced this year just in time for spring turkey season.

Know-How: The Earlier, the Better for Predators

Take advantage of summer-season offspring of predator and prey to bag coyotes when the heat is on.

3 Tips for Locating Coyotes

To call coyotes successfully, you have to hunt where they hang out. Follow these tips to find more of them.

Tips and Tactics for Early-Season Scent Control

Hot and humid conditions can make scent control challenging for the early-season deer hunter. Follow these tips to remain as scent-free as possible.

Must-Have Scent Control Products for 2018

Scent control technology is taking hunters by storm with new products that are exciting—mainly because they work. Here are four of the best new items that you should use this season.

Deer Hunting: How to Make a Mock Scrape

For mock scrapes to be successful, hunters need to know where and when to make one, and what to use to be sure mature bucks keep coming back.

How to Choose the Right Predator Camo

When choosing camo to wear when predator hunting, it’s important to keep in mind what region of the country you’ll be hunting in and what the surroundings will be like during the time of year you’re hunting there.

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