Recipe: Venison Hamburger Soup

This soup is delicious and easy to make, and it freezes well if you want to make it in advance of a big event or bring it with you to hunting camp.

Recipe: Wild Game Donair

Elk, moose and deer all work extremely well for making donair, and can be enjoyed in a traditional pita sandwich, on pizza, as sandwich meat or as a snack.

Recipe: Venison Bulgogi Sticks

The garlic, sesame seed and sugar marinade make this recipe a natural for wild game, and the fact that it can be cooked and eaten off a stick makes it ideal for barbecue get-togethers or hunting camp.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Spring Rolls

If you chase gobblers throughout the spring, you might be looking for new ways to cook and enjoy them. The light filling of vegetables and rich turkey meat in this spring roll recipe is sure delight to your taste buds.

Recipe: Citrus and Cranberry Roasted Wild Turkey

The fruity stuffing in this recipe is full of moisture and will infuse your wild turkey meat with wonderful hints of Thanksgiving.

Recipe: Duck & Date Rolls

Fruit is often paired with waterfowl to enhance taste and keep the meat moist. While often overlooked, dates are sweet, dense and full of fiber. This simple recipe transforms a simple duck breast into a succulent dinner, and will leave your friends and family asking for seconds.

Recipe: Sous Vide Elk Tenderloin

A juicy, flavorful sous vide steak is easier and more affordable than ever to prepare at home. Your meat is guaranteed to be cooked to the perfect temperature every time, removing all guesswork on your end.

John Zent's Top Wild-Game Meats

Inspired by Steven Rinella’s “Top Game Meats,” here is another author’s take on a his favorite wild-game fare.

Five Regional Wild Game Dishes

Recipes and cooking styles differ throughout the United States, and wild game isn't an exception. Here are five regional dishes you can infuse with game meat.

5 Obscure Wild Game Meats to Try

Do you eat enough wild game for it to be considered "the norm?" Then it's time to mix things up a bit by trying one of these five more obscure wild game delicacies.

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