Recipe: Venison Salisbury Steak

If you have some extra ground venison in the freezer, whip up a batch of Salisbury steak. It’s easy to make and a great dish to bring to hunting camp.

Recipe: Crispy Orange Elk

A hot rice bowl is an excellent idea for lunch, dinner or hunting camp after a long day afield. Extra meat and flavorful sauce are hard to beat.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Buttery Pepperoncini Elk Roast

This recipe is perfect for hunting camp or when entertaining a crowd. The slow-cooked roast with butter, fresh herbs and pickled peppers is easy to prepare, and the outcome bursts with flavor.

Recipe: Venison Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe

This recipe is excellent for days when you’re unsure what to make for dinner or are in hunting camp and want a hot satisfying meal after a long day afield.

Recipe: Corned Wild Game

Corned game is a great dish for hunting camp, where you can brine meat ahead of time and cook it while out hunting.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Manicotti

This manicotti recipe is great way to use turkey legs to feed family and friends, and is an easy meal to prepare and bring to your next hunting camp.

Recipe: Crockpot Curried Moose

Whether you have a busy day planned at work or want a delicious meal at hunting camp after a long day, this recipe is easy to make and meant to inspire.

Recipe: Hunter Hearty Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti is a great meal for family get-togethers, hunting camp, cold dreary nights or just when you crave some good-old wholesome comfort food. Here's a sauce recipe that hunters should appreciate.

Recipe: Venison Bulgogi Sticks

The garlic, sesame seed and sugar marinade make this recipe a natural for wild game, and the fact that it can be cooked and eaten off a stick makes it ideal for barbecue get-togethers or hunting camp.

Recipe: Curried Duck Breast

Large ducks like pintails, mallards and gadwall, provide lots of protein to feed a family or hunting camp. Served on a bed of long-grain rice, this recipe could quickly become your favorite aromatic fowl recipe.

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