Why You Should Test Run Your Fall Hunting Camp This Summer

The night before opening day is too late to learn that you’re missing tent poles or the moths ate holes in your sleeping bags. And opening day is too late to learn you've picked a game unit with more hunters than game. Best do a test-run.

Must-Have Hunting Camp Gear

Be it the backcountry or the back forty, this collection of gear makes camp more comfortable for all.

Recipe: Venison Hamburger Soup

This soup is delicious and easy to make, and it freezes well if you want to make it in advance of a big event or bring it with you to hunting camp.

Recipe: Venison North American Goulash

This goulash recipe is easy to make, a fabulous way to use ground venison and is a quick fix for lunch, dinner or hunting camp.

Recipe: Venison Beans with Cheesy Cornbread

Brad Fenson whips up a quick yet filling hunting camp favorite in this latest wild-game recipe.

Recipe: Venison Bannock Pops

Bannock is the perfect recipe for a hunting camp, and when time is limited, can even be made when there are no biscuits or bread readily available.

Recipe: Instant Pot Venison Chana Masala

This delicious chana masala recipe is a quick and easy meal to prepare for hunting camp or busy weeknights.

Recipe: Wild Game Shishliki

Antelope, deer, moose and elk make great shishliki. Make a large batch and freeze extras to bring to your next hunting camp.

Recipe: Venison Tourtière

Tourtière, or meat pie, is a traditional French-Canadian dish often served at special events or holidays. They're also sure to be a hit in any hunting camp.

Recipe: Waterfowl Schnitzel

If you have finicky waterfowl eaters in your house or hunting camp, this recipe will either fool them or convert them to feasting on migratory fowl.

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