Must-Have Hunting Camp Gear

posted on June 19, 2021

Be it the backcountry or the back forty, this collection of gear makes camp more comfortable for all.

Stone Glacier SkyDome 6 Person Tent

Stone Glacier SkyDome 6P Tent
Wall-tent comfort at a third of the weight; that's what this six-person tent delivers. Larger, heavy-duty poles, heavyweight nylon side walls and a sturdy octagonal design allow it to withstand near hurricane winds and hold a heck of a snow load. A full-cover rainfly with vestibule keeps the interior dry, and when you need to warm up quick, a built-in stove jack allows you to fire up a wood stove (not included) with a 3- or 5-inch pipe. Multiple air vents, a 6-foot, 4-inch max height and a removable floor round out this truly versatile, go-anywhere tent. MSRP: $2,750;

Klymit KSB Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad

Klymit KSB Sleeping Bag and Pad

Perhaps the most comfortable mummy-style sleeping bags available today, KSB bags from Klymit are built to stretch and flex to provide the warmth you need without making you feel like you’re tied to train tracks. A large footbox allows your feet to move freely in every available temperature rating from the early-season KSB 35 to the dead-of-winter KSB 0. Every bag is adjustable for length and sports 650 fill-power insulation, anti-snag zippers and a compression stuff sack. Add a lightweight inflatable sleeping pad, such as the durable Insulated Static V Luxe SL, and you're guaranteed a good night's rest. MSRP: $179.95-$299.95 bag, $139.95 pad;

Tedderock Complete 4 Person Survival Kit

Tedderock Complete 4 Person Survival Kit
When things go from bad to worse on a hunt, prior preparation can make the difference between life and death. Built to satisfy the survival needs of up to four people for up to three days, this ready-to-go survival-kit from Tedderock contains food rations, water purification tablets, emergency blankets and shelters, signaling devices, a hand-crank radio and phone charger, fire starter, basic first-aid, a compass, a hand-crank flashlight and more. It even includes personal hygiene products like soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste; all packed inside a convenient backpack. MSRP: $229;

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Cooking System and VersaTop Grill

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Cooking System & VersaTop 2X Grill

Turning your wall tent into a temporary home is as simple as igniting your tinder with this portable wood-fired stove from Camp Chef. A heavy-duty stainless-steel burn barrel, with log grate and dampener, sits atop adjustable legs and sports a large flat cooking top and wire drying racks. All parts, including 10 feet of 5-inch stovepipe, fit inside the barrel for storage. If propane is your game, the VersaTop 2X Flat Top Grill is a portable, two-burner system with a large, non-stick griddle. And if you’re looking to create hunting buddies for life, the VersaTop Grill is compatible with Camp Chef's 16-inch accessories like the Artisan Pizza Oven and Grill Box (sold separately). MSRP: $230 Alpine stove, $270 VersaTop 2X grill;

Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern and USB Power Hub

Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern and USB Power Hub
Adding a little modern convenience to your outdoor adventures, this compact, rechargeable lantern offers up to 600 lumens of LED light and—with a built-in USB output—the ability to charge electronic devices like your phone, camera and headlamp. Users can charge the lantern’s internal battery via any USB port by using the built-in hand crank or by connecting it to any Goal Zero solar panel (sold separately). MSRP: $69.95;


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