New for 2022: Stone Glacier Terminus 7000

posted on March 9, 2022
Stone Glacier Terminus 7000 Lead

Brand new from Stone Glacier, the Terminus 7000 internal frame pack is spectacularly lightweight at only 3 pounds, 15 ounces. Featuring a sewn-in internal frame, a 7,000 cubic-inch main bag, and abrasion- and tear-resistant waterproof fabric, this superlight pack is specifically designed for the hardcore backcountry hunter.

Stone Glacier Terminus 7000 Pack

The waterproof part is particularly exciting, because it eliminates the need for a rain cover when hunting wet, inclement weather. Rated to carry 150 pounds, you’ll have to be an absolute backpacking animal to max it out. Sporting a 500 cubic-inch lid, internal spotting scope pocket and belt attachments, this pack offers plenty of room to stow all your gear for a long backcountry hunt.

Man Examining Stone Glacier Terminus 7000 Hunting Pack

It’s a bit short on pockets (part of making it so lightweight), but the inside has a collapsible 2,200 cubic-inch internal load cell for separating gear or stowing full meat sacks. Buckles, zippers and webbing are all heavy-duty and sturdy. Frame stays are constructed of carbon composite, and the frame is 26 inches high.

The Terminus 7000 has an MSRP of $649. For more information, visit


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