CMMG Announces 6mm ARC Chamberings

posted on June 8, 2020
CMMG has announced the addition of Hornady's 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge), to its Resolute and Endeavor families of rifles. Designed and engineered for accuracy and performance in the versatile AR-15 platform, the 6mm ARC’s ballistic qualities makes it an excellent choice for the discerning hunter. A short-action cartridge based on the 6.5 Grendel case, the 6mm ARC was designed to achieve comparable ballistics to the AR-10 .308 Winchester, all while operating in a 30-percent lighter system.

For hunters who need to reach further distances, the 6mm ARC will be available in 103-grain ELD-X (precision-hunter ammo), which leaves the muzzle at 2800 FPS. 

A shooter/spotter team shooting a CMMG resolute or Endavor on the range

CMMG Resolute and Endeavor 100, 200 and 300 Series come with a rifle-length gas system on both the 16-inch Resolute barrel and 20-inch Endeavor barrel. This allows the rifles to have less felt recoil and lower extraction force, reducing wear and tear and keeping hunters better positioned for a follow-up shot. Both ship with a 10-round detachable-box magazine.

For more information, please visit cmmginc.comMSRP: $1,049.94-$1,799.95 (ARC series pending)

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