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Hunting Helps Soldier Overcome PTSD in Sitka Film

As we get set to celebrate America’s veterans on Saturday, Nov. 11, Sitka Gear just released its 20-minute film “Place of Peace” telling the powerful story of U.S. Army Master Sgt. Farmer who, after spending 20 years on the front lines, ultimately found solace through hunting. Having been left with multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds, this American hero had reached a breaking point. Then he rediscovered a gift from a friend that led him down an unexpected path to healing through hunting as the great outdoors provided solace and peace of mind as he rebuilt his life.

An official comment from Sitka Gear regarding the film explains that presence of mind is difficult to maintain and how it takes diligence to live in the moment. “In the wild, stripped down to one's essentials, we become more mindful. Through this connection with nature, we can better understand ourselves, the world and our place within it.”

To watch “Place of Peace” and witness Master Sgt. Farmer’s journey firsthand, click here.

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