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2016 NRA Outdoors Course Guide

2016 NRA Outdoors Course Guide

Long Range School
This course prepares you to reach out and hit targets at longer distances than ever before. It’s the original NRA Outdoors course, and is available in three locations: Utah/Wyoming, West Virginia and Texas.

Practical Hunting Rifleman School
Instructors take the basic tenets of the Long Range program and mold them around situations hunters often find themselves in while afield. The idea: make you a more experienced, confident and ethical hunter at a variety of ranges.

Precision Long Range School
If you’re ready for the next, level this is it. Built to be the ultimate long-range shooting experience in the industry, the precision school is specifically designed to teach you how to hit small targets out to and beyond 1,100 yards—on the first try. Students use top-of-the-line, custom equipment built exclusively with this course in mind.

Wilderness Survival School
This is a new course that I think should catch the eye of hunters and “preppers” alike. The Survival School takes students into the backcountry, where they learn the ins and outs of the wilderness from hand-selected U.S. military Special Operations personnel, plant experts and firearm instructors.

3-Gun Introduction School
Interest in the 3-gun circuit has boomed in recent years. Don’t know how to start your own competitive career? Then this is the course for you. It will walk you through the entirety of 3-gun competitions, from setup to mastering your marksmanship with each firearm.

Tactical Carbine School
It may be called introductory, but it’s an introductory course of the highest degree. Led by hand-selected senior-level Special Operations personnel who are federally accredited instructors, students will learn the basics of defensive tactical shooting. Want to make sure you’re ready to defend yourself and your loved ones? This is the place.

Defensive Handgun Academy
This course kind of speaks for itself. Think the Tactical Carbine course, but with handguns. At the same time, though, students are taught defensive mindset and defensive technique, which are critical skills in a high-stress situation. The course focuses on proper and relevant handgun techniques, safety and more.

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