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Why PSE's DNA SP is an Ultimate Buck Buster This Season

Why PSE's DNA SP is an Ultimate Buck Buster This Season

undefinedSome would say this is a role reversal. Either way, it has been plain fun as I’ve worked with my brother, Joe, to help him get into bowhunting in time for fall. What were the first lessons he learned?

Lesson No. 1: Bows have changed dramatically since Joe shot a compound 25 years ago! That’s an understatement, considering he’s shooting the new-for-2014 DNA SP from PSE. As Joe and I checked out some of the top bows from PSE, Mathews, Bowtech, G5, Hoyt and Elite, to name a few, it was obvious technology has made our bows even faster and quieter. As for what makes Joe’s DNA SP so special, well, that was Lesson No. 2.

This year PSE unveiled its answer to the speed versus forgiveness debate, fine-tuning 2013’s Pro Series X-Force Dream Season DNA to launch the DNA SP (Smooth Pull) featuring the new Source Cam system. Expecting it to be its No. 1 seller for 2014, PSE dropped IBO speed a bit from the original—to what is still a whopping 345 fps—to create an easier draw cycle. Of course, PSE didn’t disappoint those who live for pure speed as this year it also launched the world’s fastest bow—the Pro Series Full Throttle—with a 5 1/4-inch brace height and a whopping IBO speed of 370 fps. Joe opted for the DNA SP, which is amazing in delivering the best of both worlds.

Now for the big lessons. As a new bowhunter, Joe may say bow selection is the easy part because the next step involves absorbing all the bowshooting fundamentals—stance, balance, grip, draw, anchor point and follow through. Bowhunters who make hitting bullseyes look easy have simply done it a lot. The key to accurate, consistent groups is to put in the practice time on a regular basis. You want your fundamentals to be second nature because you’ve got enough to think about when that big buck steps into view—end even more going on when he steps into your effective range!

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