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Growing Up Easton

Growing Up Easton

When my brother Joe and I were little, our “Eastons” were bats. Of course now my Eastons are arrows, but I appreciate how companies like Easton offer bowhunters and sports-oriented families in general increased opportunities for outdoor fun and games. Years later, it's fun to watch how my nephews, Andrew and Joey, hoist their own Easton bats and bat bags around the Little League field in between launching Easton arrows in the backyard with their Mission Craze and Menace bows.

When my husband, Phil, and I ran into his long-time friend Greg Easton at the ATA Show in January, I thought of how the kids would flip. Though the Easton product lines are separate today and manufactured in different facilities, here was the guy whose family continues to fuel both my family’s baseball and archery passions. Just as Easton bat bags tote our baseball gear, Easton did the same for bowhunters last year when it launched Easton Outfitters, offering everything from "bow bag" packs for toting your bows and gear as well as tents, snowshoes, trekking poles and accessories.

I think crossover is great when it comes to outdoor sports, from hunting with bows and guns to picking off sporting clays, fishing and batting a ball out of the park. We NRA members, hunters and shooters of every discipline have it all because we’re fortunate to live in a nation where we can put family and freedom first. As the song goes, America truly is “the beautiful.”

So in the name of family and freedom, as you turn the pages of American Hunter and other NRA publications each month, make sure you’re also scanning NRA Family Insights online. You’ll have fun checking out all the cool ideas and shooting sports and hunting adventures you can put on your family’s to-do list.

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