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Goodbye, 2013

Goodbye, 2013

Whew, boy. 2013 was nothing if not a wild, wild year. From animal attacks to dumb poachers to a brewery actually offering a cool $1 million for the capture of Bigfoot, there was no shortage of headlines for me to cover these last 12 months.

In case you missed one (or all!) of this past year's "Wilder World Outdoors" entries, I've categorized them below.

Here's to 2014, folks. Happy New Year!

Natures vs. Nurture (Animals vs. People)

Arizona Woman and Dog Attacked by Javelina
NFL Stars to Race Cheetah
Man vs. Cheetah: It's a Draw
Elk Butts Heads with Photographer
Alabama Man Loses Eye to "Pet" Deer
Mississippi Man Kills Chupacabra?
Motorcyclist Runs into Bear on Road
Bears & BBQ Don't Mix
Bear Crossing Sign Needed
Grizzly Attacks GoPro Camera
Did Hunter Catch Quail with Bare Hand?
Fisherman Punches Croc, Escapes
Beaver Attacks, Kills Man
Don't Throw Rocks at Bison
Coyote Attacks Becoming More Aggressive?
Massachusetts Family Attacked by Rabid Bobcat

Of Poachers, Thieves and Crazy People

Florida Man Tries to Trade Gator for Beer
Dumb Poacher Stories: Dec. 2013 Edition
Teen Kicks Gator, Gets Attacked
Judge Orders Convicted Poacher to Make Movie About Bears
Man Charged for Hunting in Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Dumb Poachers: Feb. 2013 Edition
Women Steal, Run Over Hunter's Trophy Buck

Head-Scratching News

Ohio Division of Wildlife Workers Being Investigated for Hunting Deer On the Clock
Kill a Rhino to Save a Rhino?
Wolves Are an Economic "Boon"?

Out of Place Animals

Bear Runs off With Restaurant Dumpster
A Gator Goes Shopping
Bears Walks into Bar, Leaves Unimpressed
Impala Leaps Into Car, Escapes Cheetah
Indiana Man Kills Leopard in His Backyard
Deer Catches Ride on Bus
Deer Escapes Trunk, Probably Not a Zombie

Just Plain Wild

Sasquatch Sighting in British Columbia?
Watch Where You Step, Eh?
Deer Attacked, Killed by Eagle
Moose Get Drunk, Form "Gang"
Jaguar Kills Crocodile
Nice Kitty
While I Was Away
Don't Do That Where You Eat
Well, That Ain't Good
Fear the Giant Land Snail?
Elk Gets Tire Stuck Around Neck
The Bigfoot Hunt is On?
Tales From My Father: Put That Back!

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