Recipe: Creamy Turkey Thighs with Forest Fixings

Building a sauce with layers of flavor is a great way to utilize the dark meat from an old gobbler, and adding mushrooms and herbs sourced in the outdoors is an excellent reminder that we can live off the land and utilize all edible parts of what we harvest.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Taquitos

Wild turkey legs and thighs are a great option for building tasty taquitos. Try this simple recipe for a last-minute snack, or freeze them to bring along on your next hunting trip.

Video: Wild Turkey Spring Rolls Recipe

If you chase gobblers throughout the spring, you might be looking for new ways to cook and enjoy them. The light filling of vegetables and rich turkey meat in this spring roll recipe is sure delight to your taste buds.

10 Steps to Tastier Wild Turkey

Maintaining moisture may be the most difficult thing about cooking wild turkey. Trade the turkey nuggets for our easy, whole-bird recipe, and you won't regret it.

Recipe: Mediterranean Stuffed Turkey Breast

Stuffing a turkey breast with moist, Mediterranean ingredients will help keep your turkey from drying out. Pine nuts, olives and feta cheese are likely to become your favorite accompaniments to a spring gobbler.

Recipe: Turkey Hunter's Wreath

This recipe will make anyone want to keep their turkey legs and thighs after their next successful hunt.

Recipe: Layered Turkey Enchiladas

It's turkey season! Let's celebrate with these tasty enchiladas.

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Turkey season is a thrilling time—it’s so uncertain and adrenaline pumping. And when you put all of that work into bagging your dinner, you really want to make the most of the ingredients. Try this recipe from Georgia Pellegrini.

Whiskey and Honey Glazed Turkey Breast

Wild turkey can be a challenging game meat to prepare, but this glazed turkey recipe is well worth it.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Schnitzel

Simple dishes like this one for fried turkey can sometimes be the most intoxicating.


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