How to Make the Most of Your Coyote Calling Partner

You want to kill more coyotes this winter … right? For now, set aside the off-the-wall strategies and gizmos. The simplest answer to more coyotes is to hunt with a partner. Here’s why.

How to Pull Ducks Into Low-Visibility Setups

Filling your strap with ducks can be difficult if you can't see the birds and they can't see your spread. Consider this advice when hunting brush-choked ponds, wooded creeks and flooded timber and even in fog to convince ducks to drop in.

How to Call Elk: Strategy, Sequence and Setup

There is no one-size-fits all method to calling a bull up close, but these tips and tactics typically hold true. Give them a try next time you’re in the elk woods.

Turkey Calling for Beginners

New to turkey hunting? Here’s a detailed guide to three basic calls all turkey hunters should master.

Turkey Tactics: Calling the Same Ground Again and Again

Not all of us have the luxury of multiple hunting spots to choose from. If you're stuck hunting the same ground all season with no change in sight, a slight change in tactics could make all the difference.

Predator Hunting: How to Use a Mouse Squeaker

Here’s how to best use one of the least-used predator calls: the mouse squeaker.

How and When to Call Mule Deer

Contrary to popular belief, much like whitetail, mule deer will come to a call—if you make the right sound.

Turkey Hunting: Gobbler Clucks

Do low, slow, coarse gobbler clucks do the trick?

Know-How: Let Elk Set the Pace for Calling

Equally as imperative as identifying when you need to run or walk when hunting elk is recognizing when to call without restrictions or with disciplined reservation.

Know-How: Five Elk-Calling Don’ts

Sometimes calling elk is about knowing what not to do.

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