First Look: Rossi Rio Bravo

Featuring a rich German beechwood or rugged black polymer forearm and stock with polished black metal finish, the Rio Bravo brings the traditional rifle experience to the rimfire category.

Shoot Summer Steel for Mid-Range Mastery This Fall

Here are a few drills to do now that will make you confident come fall when that buck of a lifetime is standing 350 yards away and the sun is fading fast.

Federal Premium Ammunition Introduces .22 LR Range & Field Bulk Packs

Federal Premium has announced the release of the new Federal 22 Long Rifle Range & Field loads bulk packs.

Winchester to Honor Kim Rhode

Kim Rhode made history in Rio, becoming the first American athlete—and first female athlete, from anywhere—to medal in six consecutive Olympic Games. Rhode's longtime sponsor, Winchester, is celebrating the history-making achievement by once again featuring Rhode on boxes of AA target loads.

Are You in Step with the Latest Hunter Survey Data?

See if you agree with other American hunters when it comes to your top game animal, your favorite sport-shooting activities and whether you use hunting magazines like American Hunter or websites to stay on top of the latest, greatest tips and techniques.

Summer Survival Tips for Hunters

Some folks revel in the idea of summertime; the picnics, barbecues and time spent at the beach are simply the best experiences of the year. For us hunters, it can represent a lull in the action.

Redneck Bowling

Dave Campbell's been off the grid for a little bit, thanks to a computer virus. He put the time to good use, though. Find out what he's been up to while he was away.

Stoeger Grand

Stoeger has introduced the Grand, a single-barrel trap gun.

The Long Shot

As a general rule it seems that the less field experience a given pundit has, the more he is in favor of taking pokes at critters nearly a mile away.

Winchester AA Tracker Shotshell Shows Flight Path

Ever have one of those days when you miss clay after clay—or dove after dove—and you just can't figure out why? Thanks to Winchester's new AA Tracker shotshells, you'll now know exactly where you missed.

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