Recipe Elk Medley Lead

Recipe: Elk Medley with Peppers and Tomatoes

This delicious elk recipe is packed with flavor and is quick and easy to make.

Recipe: Asian Braised Elk Shank

This delicious recipe delivers fork-tender meat with a boost of flavor from the sweet and spicy sauce that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Buttery Pepperoncini Elk Roast

This recipe is perfect for hunting camp or when entertaining a crowd. The slow-cooked roast with butter, fresh herbs and pickled peppers is easy to prepare, and the outcome bursts with flavor.

Recipe: Korean-Style Elk and Mushroom Bowl

The time required to whip up this scrumptious meal is equivalent to the time it takes to prepare a pot of short-grain rice and features bold flavors the whole family is sure to savor.

Recipe: Elk Ropa Vieja

A variety of peppers, including poblano and jalapeño, add natural flavor and a touch of heat to this delicious ropa vieja recipe.

Recipe: Braised Elk Shank and Root Vegetables

Once a hunter embraces shank and learns the art and science of braising meat, the braided lower legs will never be ground again. The fresh herbs in this recipe help to round out a properly braised meal that will make any hunter feel like royalty.

Recipe: Elk Königsberger Klopse

If you’re short on time and want to make a meal that tastes as if you’ve slaved over the development of a gourmet sauce, this recipe is for you.

Recipe: Smoked Elk Shank Baked Beans

This flavorful baked bean recipe is sure to entice more hunters to covet the shanks from their next harvest.

Recipe: Wild Game Leberkäse (German Meatloaf)

This south-German specialty-dish can be sliced for sandwich meat and served on a bun with mustard and pickles, or pan-fried until golden brown.

Recipe: Mushroom & Onion Stuffed Elk Roast

It’s hard to beat mushrooms and onions when it comes to layering flavors with every bite, and when cooking wild game, stuffing can help add moisture, ensuring you always have tender servings.


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