Recipe: Dry Garlic Duck Legs

Waterfowlers sometimes overlook the flavor and volume of meat on the legs and thighs of ducks, but when cooked properly, they’re tender, juicy and delicious. If you like spicy wings and dry ribs, you’ll love the combination of ingredients in this recipe.

Recipe: Venison Hawaiian Meatballs

This sweet and tangy meatball recipe with pineapple can be served with rice as a main course, or a cocktail skewer as an appetizer.

Recipe: Instant Pot Black Bear Roast

At the press of a button, the Instant Pot can sauté, pressure cook and slow cook to turn out stews, quickly cooked rice or beans or a mouthwatering, cooked-all-day meal. Get one, then try this delicious black bear pot roast recipe.

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Garlic Sausage

Family recipes passed down from generation to generation are time-proven and generate a sense of pride that other recipes can’t hold a candle to for bragging rights.

Recipe: Venison North American Goulash

This goulash recipe is easy to make, a fabulous way to use ground venison and is a quick fix for lunch, dinner or hunting camp.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Buttery Pepperoncini Elk Roast

This recipe is perfect for hunting camp or when entertaining a crowd. The slow-cooked roast with butter, fresh herbs and pickled peppers is easy to prepare, and the outcome bursts with flavor.

Recipe: Italian Venison and Feta Bake

A small batch of Italian venison sausage with your favorite pasta is tantalizing enough, but add fresh tomatoes and feta cheese, and you have a meal fit for a king.

Recipe: Portuguese Paprika Venison Roast

The paprika paste in this recipe makes a tremendous rub on a venison roast, baking to a crusty finish with a bold taste.

Recipe: Pulled Goose Enchiladas

Before new waterfowl seasons begin, it’s a good time to learn to slow-cook the remaining goose meat in your freezer to “pull it” for use in this delicious Mexican dish.

Recipe: Asian Braised Elk Shank

This delicious recipe delivers fork-tender meat with a boost of flavor from the sweet and spicy sauce that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

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