Saving the Tundra in South Dakota

Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper and Assistant Editor Jon Draper wanted to do their part to "save the tundra" this spring, so they road-tripped out to South Dakota for a light goose conservation order hunt with Waterfowl Junkie Outdoors. Get an inside look at their week on the prairie with this gallery.

Shoot. Conserve. Repeat. Day Three.

The spring snow goose hunt rages on! Check in on day three of Assistant Editor Jon Draper and Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper's hunt.

5 Reasons to Go on a Spring Snow Goose Hunt Before You Die

Late March isn’t often considered a waterfowl time of the year—except for those determined few that choose to take advantage of the light goose conservation order.

Shoot. Conserve. Repeat. Day Two.

Assistant Editor Jon Draper relives day two of he and Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper's South Dakota snow goose hunt.

Let's Start the Fire

Check out Web Managing Editor Shawn Skipper's take on day two of he and Assistant Editor Jon Draper's South Dakota snow goose hunt.

Must-Have Snow Goose Gear

To really “save the tundra," you’re going to need to get serious. Here are a few recommendations.

Shoot. Conserve. Repeat.

Adding their guns to the throngs of hunters chasing snows in South Dakota, online managing editor Shawn Skipper and assistant editor Jon Draper participate in the light goose conservation season on the central flyway.

Conservation Order Hunting: 'This is Just Epic!'

Exploding populations and conservation seasons make spring snow goose hunting an adventure not soon forgotten.

Thousands of Geese Fall Dead from Sky in Idaho

Close to 2,000 snow geese fell dead from the sky in Idaho last week, and hunters had nothing to do with it.

First Light: Let it Snow

It was around 9 a.m., and a dozen or so birds had decided that they’d make a close enough pass at our decoy spread to elicit a volley. I’d loosed two shells when my concentration was broken by something thumping down into the reeds beside me.

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