Beware the Fall

Are you strapped in for deer season?

New Ultra Light Arms Signature Series

Melvin Forbes' Signature Series rifles celebrate 30 years of top-flight rifle quality.

First Light: Let it Snow

It was around 9 a.m., and a dozen or so birds had decided that they’d make a close enough pass at our decoy spread to elicit a volley. I’d loosed two shells when my concentration was broken by something thumping down into the reeds beside me.

What’s a Woman Hunter to Do?

Women increasingly are discovering what new hunters have learned for years: Going from beginner to seasoned pro is a tough climb.

First Light: Hunter ‘Churn’

More is learned about what keeps hunters in the field every year thanks in part to license-sales data.

First Light: The North American Model Of Wildlife Conservation

Mention wildlife conservation to folks on the street and they may think of endangered species like the giant panda or black rhino. But fish and wildlife in your local community also require and benefit from conservation. State and federal governments as well as nonprofit organizations all help to conserve fish and wildlife in the United States by following a set of principles called the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Prowling Felines: Trouble on Many Fronts

Feral cats cause widespread problems in rural, urban and suburban areas. They not only kill billions of birds and mammals each year in the United States, but also spread diseases like toxoplasmosis that affect humans and whitetails.

30 Years of New Ultra Light Arms

The difference a stock can make.

The Hunter-Friendly Motel

Leave it to a young hunter to give Dad the Businessman a profitable idea.

Light Is Right

Here’s why lightweight, fast-moving steel waterfowl loads are preferable to heavier, slow-advancing ones.

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