Recipe: Venison Rendang

Try this recipe to transform a tougher cut of venison into a tender, gourmet dish that will leave your friends and family asking for more.

Recipe: Asian-Style Venison and Broccoli

Beef and broccoli is a popular dish at specialty restaurants, and hunters can easily make the dish at home with venison. The combination of crunchy vegetables, tender meat and an Asian-style sauce in this dish will leave you wanting more.

Recipe: Ginger Vension

The ingredients in this ginger venison roast easily mask any undesirable “gamey” taste that may be present every time—it's virtually foolproof.

Recipe: Venison with Blueberry Bourbon Sauce

Combine bourbon and blueberries in this five-star treatment for your venison backstrap.

Recipe: Venison Tourtière

Tourtière, or meat pie, is a traditional French-Canadian dish often served at special events or holidays. They're also sure to be a hit in any hunting camp.

Recipe: Venison-Barley-Mushroom Casserole

Venison, barley and mushrooms all provide earthy and robust flavor, so why not put them together?

Halloumi Hors d’Oeuvres: A Perfect Match for Venison Tenderloin

Fried cheese and venison tenderloin? It's impossible to go wrong.

Recipe: Braised Venison Shank

It's not easy to get the most out of a shank. Let Brad Fenson lend you a hand.

Recipe: Venison Pot Roast

There are few people that don’t appreciate the flavor, texture and comfort of a good pot roast. Here's one of our favorite iterations of the simple, classic dish.

Recipe: Venison Rouladen

Repurpose your roast by turning it into rouladen.

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