Watch: Florida Woman Has Close Call with Cougar on Bridge

posted on April 1, 2016

Photo Courtesy Facebook Video

Hunters—outdoorsmen and women in general, really—occasionally have run ins with some of this planet's more dangerous creatures. Bears, wolves, big cats—anything's possible when you venture into the wilderness. That said, close calls with mountain lions aren't particularly common for anyone, given the big cat's tendency to avoid detection at all costs. Still, human/cougar interactions can and do occur, as one Florida woman learned in what assuredly was a scary moment. In a video posted to the Facebook page of one Tina Dorschel, a woman is walking along a wooden bridge/path in what the details say is the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Fla. when she's accosted by one of the very large, very scary kitties.

A few seconds into the video, the camera operator pauses and starts whispering "Oh my God, oh my God." The viewer doesn't have to wait long to see what has her so agitated—a mountain lion (or panther, as Florida folks tend to prefer—they did name a hockey team after them, after all) comes barreling down the path toward her. The big cat seemed just as surprised and scared as whoever was behind the camera—it quickened its pace, nearly slamming into the rail of the bridge in doing so, and got out of there in an awful hurry. No one was harmed, though I'd wager the owner of the camera/phone was probably a little shaken up.

Check out the video for yourself and get a closer look—it's embedded below. Warning: There's some minor profanity involved as the cat approaches—not that I can blame anyone for that.


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