Mountain Lion Killed with Bow in Self-Defense

posted on December 26, 2018
Ryan Ellis

After purchasing an over-the-counter archery-elk tag for an area near Gunnison, Colo., Florida resident (and proud NRA member) Trevor Brown experienced quite the high-country initiation for a first-time bowhunter.

On Sept. 1, 2018, around 10 a.m., Brown was in a good spot and waiting for an elk. After sitting a while, he got up to stretch and heard a noise behind him. Turning around, Brown locked eyes with a 150-pound male cougar only 3 yards away and ready to pounce. Keeping a tree between himself and the cat, Brown drew his bow, leaned around the tree and released a 460-grain arrow into the cat’s chest, piercing the animal’s heart. The cougar took off but collapsed mere yards away.

“This thing wanted to eat me. When reality set in, I was pretty scared, and I don’t get scared easy,” Brown told American Hunter staff.

Upon close inspection of the kill site and the cougar’s chest wound by the on-scene game warden, Colorado authorities investigated to confirm the cat was shot in self-defense. Photo Credit: Ryan Ellis

Brown contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), which sent a game warden out to investigate and eventually verified Brown’s claims of self-defense.

Not only did Brown survive his encounter, but he shot a great 6X6 bull four days later after his hunting partner Ryan Ellis called the elk into 55 yards. Ironically, Brown shot his elk no more than 100 yards from where he killed the cougar. CPW took custody of the lion and plans to use it for educational purposes.


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