Viridian Debuts New Optics Line

posted on November 6, 2019
Viridian Weapon Technologies has announced the launch of Viridian Optics, and all-new riflescope line that includes solutions for both long-range shooting and hunting, at reasonable rates. This line includes the Eon, Venta and Serac families, details on which are provided below.

“Viridian has been creating the leading edge of weapon technology since 2006, and we’re thrilled to expand our product offerings into this exciting new segment,” said Viridian president and CEO Brian Hedeen. “We’ve been the premier laser sight provider to the world’s largest gun manufacturers, and when these companies needed a high-quality scope to pair with their rifles, they called us. And Viridian Optics were born.”

Viridian Eon
The Eon family currently includes 3-9X 40 mm, 4-12X 42 mm and 4.5-14X 50 mm options, with multi-coated lenses, one-inch tubes, tactile 1/4-m.o.a. adjustments for windage and elevation, and a shock-, fog- and water-proof construction. The latter two scopes even feature adjustable parallax, and a fast-focus eyepiece. MSRP: $49.50-$64.50

Viridian Venta

Waterproof, fog-proof and with optical coatings for enhanced light transmission, these 30 mm-tube, first focal place (FFP) scopes are aimed at the precision market—either in the field or on the range. Quarter-m.o.a.-adjustable 1.5-4.5X 32 mm and 4-16X 40 mm models constructed of solid aluminum will be the initial offerings in this scope family. MSRP: $199-$219

Viridian Serac
Viridian's highest-line scope family, the Serac is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and an Iron Clad Lifetime Warranty. Though there is currently only one Serac model available, a 3.5-10X 40 mm variant, it includes such features as 1/4-m.o.a.-adjustable locking exposed ballistic turrets, side parallax adjustments, a fast-focus eyepiece, a 30-mm hard-anodized one-piece aluminum body, and of course, waterproof and fog-proof construction. MSRP: $199.50

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