Otis Announces 2016 Product Line Expansions

posted on January 16, 2016

Otis Technology has rolled out its new-for-2016 products, which will be on display at SHOT Show 2016. The company is adding new calibers to its popular Ripcord line, introducing a new AR maintenance tool and making its I-Mod Cleaning Systems available to civilian consumers.

The Ripcord line will feature five new calibers: .17 cal., .22 cal. (pistol length), .257 cal., .264 cal., and .338 cal. The new Ripcords join the company's nine existing sizes.

Also new is the AR Vent Hole Scraper. The new tool is designed to quickly and easily clean carbon build-up, fouling and excess oil from the vent hole in the gas tube area of AR-style rifles. Additionally, Otis plans to offer a Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning Pack, which comes with a Ripcord, Star Chamber Cleaning Tool, chamber brush, B.O.N.E. Tool and the aforementioned AR Vent Hole Scraper at a bundled price.

The I-MOD cleaning systems, meanwhile, will be available to the commercial market for the first time. Modeled after the military version that Otis developed for U.S. troops, the I-MODs will be available in single and multi-caliber systems.  

"After the introduction of the I-MOD for the military market, we received feedback from consumers that they wanted something similar. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and are excited to offer this new line of I-MOD cleaning systems to hunters, shooters and law enforcement officers," states Devlin.

For more information, go to OtisTec.com.


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