NRA Approved: Sportsman’s Bench Products

posted on February 28, 2011
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If you are a gun guy, you always have to deal with screws. Depending upon how many different guns you’re messing with, you have to remove and replace a lot of screws. Some require a thread-locking compound to prevent screws from backing out during service. There are several kinds of thread-locking compounds ranging from those that restrain the screw from backing out but still allow removal to the permanent thread lockers that bond the screw to the threads. Sometimes you find yourself in need of an anti-seizing compound, and what shop or garage is worth its salt without some Superglue? All of these come in those tiny tubes that are easy to lose or get accidently thrown way in a fit of cleaning up. On top of that, who among us is smart enough to buy one of each ahead of time? I have to mount several scopes each year for gun reviews, and I’ll never admit to the number of times I have to stop in the middle of a scope mounting job, get in the truck and run to town for some thread locker.

Well Sportsman’s Bench Products has come to our rescue. A division of Vibra-TITE, this company is offering a six-pack of the most used thread conditioning products in a handy container. Licensed and endorsed by the NRA, the Sportsman’s 6 Pack contains an 8 ml tube of blue removable thread-locker gel, an 8 ml tube of red permanent thread-locker gel, a 5 ml tube of VC-3 thread-locker gel for adjusting screws, an 8 ml tube of anti-seize compound, a 15 ml tube of DriveGrip anti cam-out compound and a 15 ml tube of Superglue. MSRP of the Sportsman’s 6 Pack is $24.99 and includes a coupon for $10 off an NRA annual membership.

No, the Sportsman’s 6 Pack won’t guarantee sub-MOA groups or get you that monster buck you crave, but it will save you some extemporaneous trips to town. That’s why it has earned a place on my workbench.


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