New for 2024: Federal Premium Terminal Ascent 300 PRC

posted on January 25, 2024
Federal Premium Terminal Ascent 300 PRC Lead

Hornady’s PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) series has been a smashing success, and it’s always a good sign of a cartridge’s longevity when it is loaded by multiple manufacturers. Federal Premium has already offered several loads in both 6.5 PRC and 7mm PRC, including loading the Hornady ELD-X bullet, as well as their most excellent Terminal Ascent.

If I were hard pressed to choose one bullet design for all of my North American hunting, at all sorts of ranges, the Federal Terminal Ascent would check all the boxes for me. First, it is a bonded core bullet, tough enough to handle shots up close where the impact velocities are high, yet which has a nose section soft enough to give reliable expansion at the lower velocities associated with longer shots on game. I've used the Terminal Ascent—as well as its twin brother and predecessor, the Edge TLR—on a wide variety of game from deer and bear in North America to a number of African plains game species, and have yet to be disappointed in any way. Second, the profile and attributes of the Terminal Ascent projectiles all make for a great long range bullet. The SlipStream polymer tip will stay in its configuration at any common velocity, and the AccuChannel grooves are designed to minimize atmospheric drag and the effects of wind drift.

New for 2024, Federal offers the beastly 300 PRC loaded with a 210-grain Terminal Ascent. A cartridge with this type of case capacity is usually best served by a bullet of proper Sectional Density, with a sufficient Ballistic Coefficient to retain the energy generated, offer a flat trajectory, and work best in the wind. The combination of the 210-grain Terminal Ascent and the 300 PRC is a big game hunter’s dream: a big case capable of fine accuracy, mated with a damned fine projectile, fully capable of fine performance at any range. Traveling at 2850 fps, you’ve got a hard-hitting, long range hunting cartridge fully capable of taking any game animal you’d hunt with a .30-caliber. Federal has also topped the 7mm PRC with a 170-grain Terminal Ascent, giving the long-action cartridge a high B.C. bullet which is among the strongest produced today. With a muzzle velocity of 2950 fps, you’ll have magnum-level performance, with a bullet which works great in windy conditions, and retains more energy than conventional designs. Having spent a good deal of time with the 7mm PRC—which I feel is a great design—I can say it will only benefit from the heavier version of the Terminal Ascent.

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