First Look: Federal Terminal Ascent Component Bullets

posted on April 27, 2020
Federal Premium has made its Terminal Ascent bullets available as a component, perfect for handloaders seeking a reliable hunting performer. Terminal Ascent bullets boast a copper shank and a bonded lead core for deep penetration on nearby targets, while the patented Slipstream polymer tip initiates expansion on game further afield. A large hollow cavity in the bullet nose feeds into a narrow cavity running the length of the bullet, which combines with exterior jacket skiving to further aid expansion and penetration. Serrations, meanwhile, allow petals to peel back on contact at velocities as low as 1,400 fps—speeds typically seen about 1,200 yards downrange in the 200-grain 30-caliber loads. Finally, a long, sleek profile offers a high ballistic coefficient, while an AccuChannel groove is intended to improve accuracy while minimizing drag.

For more information on Federal Terminal Ascent component bullets, currently available in .264-caliber 130-grain; .270-caliber 136-grain; 7mm 155-grain; .308-caliber 175-grain; and .308-caliber 200-grain, please visit MSRP: $52.99-$54.99

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