New for 2023: Burris Veracity PH Hunting Riflescope

posted on January 19, 2023
Mainveracity PH Hunting Scope

Burris Optics has introduced the Veracity PH 4-20x50mm. Featuring the PĒK (Programable Elevation Knob)system, a built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD), and Bluetooth connectivity for uploading custom ballistic data from the new BurrisConnect Mobile App, the Veracity PH is designed to imbue confidence in the field.

This complex-to-simple performance centers on the Veracity PH's PĒK (pronounced “peak”) system and the BurrisConnect app couple with a robust heads-up display to show the exact dialed distance, wind hold, rifle cant, and battery level. A digital position sensor in the scope's clickless elevation turret achieves 1/10 MOA equivalent adjustability for near exact dial-in to distances. Additional ¼ MOA laser markings on the elevation turret further provide redundancy for rapid adjustment. All that's needed is to range the target using any rangefinder, dial to the distance displayed on the scope HUD, and fire.

The Veracity PH utilizes stand-alone programming in a fail-proof platform, and Wi-Fi or cell service is not needed to use the BurrisConnect App after it has been downloaded. Bluetooth connectivity between the mobile device and scope is needed only when uploading ballistics or changing scope settings, making this a true "set-and-forget" system. With this app-to-scope integration, shooters can create customized ballistic profiles for multiple bullet weights, rifles and shooting locations, and easily upload the desired profile whenever needed.

Boasting a 5x zoom system and high-performance glass, the Veracity PH is built around the Veracity 4-20x50mm. The Wind MOA FFP reticle is a first focal plane (FFP) design, making hold-off and hold-over compensation accurate at any magnification. Side focus/parallax adjustment ensures the target image matches the reticle focal point from 50 yards to infinity, thereby eliminating parallax error on extended-range shots. Both windage and elevation turrets feature zero turn stop adjustment.

For more information, visit burrisoptics.comMSRP: $1,200


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