Must-Have New Broadheads for 2015

posted on August 4, 2015

Muzzy Trocar and M.O.R.E.
The Muzzy Trocar’s penetrating tip, aerodynamic blades and right-helix design stabilize arrows for accuracy. It punches a 1.18-inch hole, has a solid steel ferrule that won’t deform on bone and is available in Deep Six. $29.99 (3-pack). Come fall, check out the new 3-inch-diameter, 125-grain decapitator—M.O.R.E. (Merriam’s, Osceola, Rio Grande, Eastern) turkey broadhead. It locks down to 1 inch to fit any quiver $39.99 (3-pack).

Solid Legend
Devastation on delivery defines the Solid Broadhead Company’s steel, cut-on-contact, Samauri-style Legend Series. The 100- and 125-grain broadheads cut to the bone. Choose the lower-profile .5-inch bleeder for big game and the .75-inch option for smaller antelope-sized game. A 20-degree blade angle ensures sharpness and edge retention. Available in traditional and Deep Six system options. $79.99 (3-pack).

G5 T3
Touting the stainless steel 100-grain T3 as 320 percent stronger than competitors’ aluminum, G5 says this arrow topper delivers never-before-seen penetration in an expandable or aluminum broadhead. The T3’s durability enables multiple kills with the same broadhead with a cutting diameter of  1.5 inches. $42.95 (3-pack).

G5 Havoc
G5 primes the pump with its new expandable and surgically precise Lutz two-blade 100-grain head. Touting the power of the Dual Trap blade-retention system, it pairs the power of a steel collar and the reliability of an elastomeric ring. Translation: a memory foam pillow on a steel-frame bed! It cuts on contact, wreaking havoc with a 2-inch cutting diameter. $49.99 (3-pack).

Wasp Jak-Knife and Drone
Wasp Archery delivers the Jak-Knife, a 100-grain, two-blade mechanical head with a 2-inch cutting diameter and field-point accuracy. Its reliable O-Ring Blade Retention System requires minimal energy to deploy. Blades release simultaneously unlike independent blade-locking systems. $31.99 (3-pack). Wasp dubs its 100-grain fixed-blade Drone (not pictured) the ultimate broadhead. Available in Deep Six. $29.99 (3-pack).

Rage Chisel Tip 2-Blade SC
Bust a bone with the razor-sharp, 100-grain, .035-inch Chisel Tip 2-Blade SC (shown) or 2-Blade SC with a .039-inch leading edge blade. Features include improved Shock Collar technology and stainless steel blades that cut a 2-inch diameter—the makings of all the rage! Available in Deep Six options. $44.99 (3-pack).

No Limit Archery Grave Digger
 “Grave Digger” makes the point as No Limit Archery unveils chisel-tip (shown) and cut-on-contact versions in 100 and 125 grains. To go the fixed-blade route, tighten the set screw and lock down the expandable blades to create a fixed-blade head with bleeders. I promise it’s tough as I watched my husband’s muskox tip over after one shot. Also available in Deep Six. $42.99-$47.99 (3-pack).

Slick Trick Viper Trick
The Viper Trick is one “slick trick.” The four-blade head with a two-edge cut-on-contact tip has a 1.06 -inch-diameter main blade and a .875-inch bleeder. The way the Lutz blades lock prevents any moving parts, delivering the strength of a one-piece design. Replace blades as needed to maintain a near 2-inch cut. Available in 85, 100 and 125 grains. $31.95 (3-pack).


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