Must-Have New Broadheads for 2015

posted on August 4, 2015

Muzzy Trocar and M.O.R.E.
The Muzzy Trocar’s penetrating tip, aerodynamic blades and right-helix design stabilize arrows for accuracy. It punches a 1.18-inch hole, has a solid steel ferrule that won’t deform on bone and is available in Deep Six. $29.99 (3-pack). Come fall, check out the new 3-inch-diameter, 125-grain decapitator—M.O.R.E. (Merriam’s, Osceola, Rio Grande, Eastern) turkey broadhead. It locks down to 1 inch to fit any quiver $39.99 (3-pack).

Solid Legend
Devastation on delivery defines the Solid Broadhead Company’s steel, cut-on-contact, Samauri-style Legend Series. The 100- and 125-grain broadheads cut to the bone. Choose the lower-profile .5-inch bleeder for big game and the .75-inch option for smaller antelope-sized game. A 20-degree blade angle ensures sharpness and edge retention. Available in traditional and Deep Six system options. $79.99 (3-pack).

G5 T3
Touting the stainless steel 100-grain T3 as 320 percent stronger than competitors’ aluminum, G5 says this arrow topper delivers never-before-seen penetration in an expandable or aluminum broadhead. The T3’s durability enables multiple kills with the same broadhead with a cutting diameter of  1.5 inches. $42.95 (3-pack).

G5 Havoc
G5 primes the pump with its new expandable and surgically precise Lutz two-blade 100-grain head. Touting the power of the Dual Trap blade-retention system, it pairs the power of a steel collar and the reliability of an elastomeric ring. Translation: a memory foam pillow on a steel-frame bed! It cuts on contact, wreaking havoc with a 2-inch cutting diameter. $49.99 (3-pack).

Wasp Jak-Knife and Drone
Wasp Archery delivers the Jak-Knife, a 100-grain, two-blade mechanical head with a 2-inch cutting diameter and field-point accuracy. Its reliable O-Ring Blade Retention System requires minimal energy to deploy. Blades release simultaneously unlike independent blade-locking systems. $31.99 (3-pack). Wasp dubs its 100-grain fixed-blade Drone (not pictured) the ultimate broadhead. Available in Deep Six. $29.99 (3-pack).

Rage Chisel Tip 2-Blade SC
Bust a bone with the razor-sharp, 100-grain, .035-inch Chisel Tip 2-Blade SC (shown) or 2-Blade SC with a .039-inch leading edge blade. Features include improved Shock Collar technology and stainless steel blades that cut a 2-inch diameter—the makings of all the rage! Available in Deep Six options. $44.99 (3-pack).

No Limit Archery Grave Digger
 “Grave Digger” makes the point as No Limit Archery unveils chisel-tip (shown) and cut-on-contact versions in 100 and 125 grains. To go the fixed-blade route, tighten the set screw and lock down the expandable blades to create a fixed-blade head with bleeders. I promise it’s tough as I watched my husband’s muskox tip over after one shot. Also available in Deep Six. $42.99-$47.99 (3-pack).

Slick Trick Viper Trick
The Viper Trick is one “slick trick.” The four-blade head with a two-edge cut-on-contact tip has a 1.06 -inch-diameter main blade and a .875-inch bleeder. The way the Lutz blades lock prevents any moving parts, delivering the strength of a one-piece design. Replace blades as needed to maintain a near 2-inch cut. Available in 85, 100 and 125 grains. $31.95 (3-pack).


Winchester 6.8 Western Copper Impact Ammo Lead
Winchester 6.8 Western Copper Impact Ammo Lead

First Look: Winchester 6.8 Western Copper Impact Ammo

Winchester’s new 6.8 Western 162-grain solid copper load sports their Copper Impact bullet, boasting a muzzle velocity of 2875 fps. It shoots accurately, hits hard and penetrates deeply.

Indiana Artist Wins California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest

A painting of mountain quail has been chosen by a panel of judges as the winning entry in the 2021-2022 California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest. The painting was created by Jeffrey Klinefelter of Etna Green, Indiana.

First Look: FORLOH Hunting Apparel

FORLOH is on a mission to design, source and manufacture world-class hunting apparel right here in the USA. Engineered with a ‘no concessions’ approach, every piece of gear is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

New for 2022: Savage 110 Magpul Hunter

A hybrid hunting/target rifle, the newest Savage 110 translates deadly range accuracy into notched tags and a full freezer.

Oregon: ODFW announces 2023 annual wildlife art contest

The winning artist in each contest receives a $2,000 award and winning artwork is used to produce collector's stamps and other promotional items with sale proceeds benefitting Oregon's fish, wildlife and their habitats.

Primos Releases New Trigger Stick Gun Mounted Bipods

Primos hunting has announced its new line of Trigger Stick Gun Mounted Bipods, which come in short, medium and tall heights.


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