Must-Have Backyard BBQ Gear for 2019

posted on March 14, 2019

Arteflame Classic 40-Inch Fire Pit Bowl
Whether it sits on the patio or in a custom-built backyard feature, the Arteflame Classic 40-inch Fire Pit Bowl will generate envy. The Classic 40 is a spun bowl made of corten (“weathering”) steel with no seams or welds. It measures 40 inches wide and 24 inches high, weighs 75 pounds and burns charcoal or wood.

Install the removable cooktop made of laser-cut half-inch carbon steel that heats from the inner ring out to provide varied cooking temperatures across 1,257 square inches. Purchase the optional sizzle grate to sear meats over the hottest part of the flame, and tools are included to handle the cooktop and center grate even when hot. It’s all virtually maintenance-free—just scrape residue into the fire. Leave the Arteflame outside year-round and watch a beautiful patina develop on the all-American steel. Options include low and high fire pit stands, rotisseries, vinyl covers, stainless steel lids and more.

NRA members, note the custom sizzle grate: Arteflame is an Officially Licensed Product of the NRA. By using the promo code NRAGRILL, NRA members receive a 10 percent discount on all Arteflame products and get the NRA grill grate for their 30- and 40-inch grills absolutely free! MSRP: Bowl only $1,195; Bowl, Cooktop, Sizzle Grate, Low Base $1,795;

Hi Mountain Seasonings
Season wild game with Hi Mountain Fajita Seasoning then sauté the meat with vegetables to add authentic Mexican flavor. It’s also great on potatoes, eggs and beans. Salmon Rub and Venison Rub blends are Wyoming recipes to enhance the natural flavor of fish and game. Rub the blend into the meat then grill, bake or smoke to taste. A Mesquite Coffee Bean Smoke Can made with coffee beans, citrus and herbs adds smokehouse flavor to any grilled meat—and it can be used more than once. Place the can in the middle of the coals or on the grill, wait for it to start smoking, add meat and cook to taste. MSRP: Fajita Seasoning, Salmon/Venison Rub $8.99, Smoke Can $3.79;

Cordova Soft-Sided Cooler
Nampa, Idaho-based Cordova Coolers is now the officially licensed cooler of the NRA. As owner Doug McMaster states, “2A is in our DNA.” The company’s soft-sided cooler weighs only 2 pounds, but it’s strong enough to hold 16 cans of your favorite beverage plus 10 pounds of ice. Durable construction includes a 1,000-denier nylon shell, waterproof zipper and multiple carry straps. Made in the USA and backed by a three-year warranty. MSRP: $169.99;

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18 & BBQ Tool Set
Camp Chef’s Smoke Vault 18 runs off propane, so you can rig it next to your propane grill to utilize the same fuel source. Using real wood chips, its heavy-gauge steel chip tray and water pan lock the flavor of mesquite, apple, cherry and more into your meats. The “18” is big enough to smoke everything—brisket, ribs, a deer hindquarter or an entire turkey. Fully adjustable heat-control dials, three damper valves and a door thermometer help you monitor the cooking temp from 160-350 degrees. Tips and recipes included.

Don’t approach the grill or smoker without the right tool in your hand. Camp Chef’s 3-Piece Essential BBQ Tool Set includes the company’s Heavy-Duty Tongs, Silicone Basting Brush and Grill Box Spatula. MSRP: Smoker $288.99, BBQ Tools $20.99;

Thermacell Halo Patio Shield Repeller
The Thermacell Halo Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller is incredibly effective and easy to use. One repellent mat and one fuel canister create a 15-foot halo of scent-free protection from biting insects. Use as many as four canisters for 48 hours of protection. “ZoneCheck” (requires four AA batteries) provides a visual indication when the protection zone is created. No sprays, no DEET, and the modern design looks great on the patio. MSRP: $29.99;


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