Homeowner Defeats Burglar with Bear Spray, Shotgun

posted on April 23, 2014
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This story's really more of a fit over at "The Armed Citizen®" (and you may well see it over there soon enough), but, given the circumstances, I just couldn't leave it alone. According to reports, a Washington man was able to apprehend a young burglar earlier this week. Our protagonist's tools of the trade: bear mace and a trusty shotgun. According to KXLY, the unidentified homeowner heard noises in his garage in the middle of the night, and realized that someone must have broken in. Deciding it was time to act, the homeowner decided to utilize a solution typically reserved for larger, wilder dangers: bear mace. He allegedly emptied the entire can into the garage.As you might expect, the tactic worked. The late-night raiders broke a garage window and made an effort to flee the scene. It was then that one of them ran into the homeowner, who was now waiting in the front yard with a shotgun. According to KREM, the suspect-in-question was wielding a machete and approached the homeowner, but dropped the blade and surrendered after being granted a warning shot.The 17-year-old machete-wielding perp was taken into custody by the authorities, and an alleged 19-year-old accomplice was arrested later on. Police are still searching for an alleged third suspect.Check out the full KXLY report in the video embedded below.


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