Greenhead Gear Adds Species to Pro Grade Decoys

posted on January 17, 2013
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Greenhead Gear (GHG) unveiled some surprises for 2013, including the addition of new species to its excellent "Pro Grade" line. Perhaps most notably, all decoys below, including the full-body geese, feature single-piece construction. Basically, these could be the most durable decoys GHG has ever released. Here's a summary of what's available for your spread next season:

Pro Grade Gadwall
This good-looking gaddy is a brand new addition to the Pro Grade series.

Pro Grade Wigeon
This decoy features the same carving as the original Pro Grade Wigeon, but GHG has updated its paint scheme for added realism. The breast and sides of the decoy are more lightly colored, and the head is more iridescent. Subtle changes? Perhaps, but with duck decoys there's no such thing as too realistic.

A new addition to the Pro Grade Line, this is easily the best looking pintail GHG has ever offered.

New Geese
GHG's new full-body geese feature durable, one-piece construction and the addition of "Real Legs" rather than pegs for added realism. The geese shown are (left to right) the Pro Grade Full-Body Canada, Newbold Lesser and Pro Grade Snow Goose. All are available fully flocked or with flocked heads and painted bodies. A Newbold Full-Body Cackler is not shown, but also available. As before, the geese are held in place and allowed to move with the wind by GHG's "Real Motion System". However, engineers have improved the system to allow decoys to be more easily centered.


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