First Look: Savage Arms A22 .22 LR

posted on February 9, 2017

A crusty old rifleman once told me “Everybody needs a good .22 rifle.” What he meant by that is you need a .22 for when you just want to go shoot, targets, plinking cans, small game, whatever.

Savage Arms, long known for no-nonsense firearms, has come to the forefront in recent years with high quality rifles that won’t break the bank. Savage wowed the rimfire world a few years ago with the introduction of the A17, the first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the .17 HMR cartridge. Now Savage is adding a new model to the A series, the A22, in .22 LR. Here are some initial thoughts on this nifty little rifle.

It features solid construction.
The receiver on the A22 is machined from a single billet of case-hardened steel; this is a major upgrade from die-cast receivers in other rimfire rifles. Like its predecessors the A17 and A22 Magnum, the A22 model features a thread in barrel with zero tolerance head space similar to how Savage constructs its centerfire rifles. The 22-inch carbon steel barrel is button rifled for improved accuracy.

It goes bang every time.
The first thing any semi-automatic rifle must do is function properly. The A22 runs on a straight blowback action and seems to cycle multiple types of ammo. We are told that the Savage engineers did exhaustive testing on this and the dependable feeding is due to the 10-round flush fitting rotatory magazine. Savage has partnered with Butler Creek to provide a 25-round spring fed magazine when you want more ammo on hand.

It features the venerable AccuTrigger.
The heart of any rifle is the trigger. Savage hit a Grand Slam with the advent of the AccuTrigger and has added this feature to the A22 rimfire line. The AccuTrigger is user adjustable and allows the shooter to fine tune the trigger pull to personal tastes, and all of this is done at home without a trip to the gunsmith. The AccuTrigger is standard issue on the A22 and not a significant upgrade as is the case with some other .22 rifles.

It's easy to handle.
With a total length of 41½ inches and weight of 5.63 pounds, the A22 is light and easy to handle for shooters of all shapes and sizes. The rifle comes equipped with adjustable open steel sights, so it’s ready to shoot right out of the box. The A22 is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts, allowing shooters to easily add their favorite optic.

Everyone needs a good .22 rifle, and if you don’t have one the A22 deserves a look. With all of these features and an MSRP of $281, it is going to be hard to beat. I think the old shooter from my youth would approve.


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