First Look: Remington's New Muzzleloader Accessories

posted on April 7, 2015

You love the extra time afield the black powder rifle season give you—but the time you spend cleaning and re-cleaning the rifle? Not so much. Remington introduced two solutions at the 2015 SHOT Show: Remington MZL Patch and Bore; and Remington MZL Patch and Lube. Here are five things you need to know.

1. They're easy to carry.
Both cleaning products come in handy, screw-top plastic jars that carry easily in your hunting pack or jacket pocket. Each jar holds 100 pre-treated synthetic patches—pre-treated with either Remington Muzzleloader bore cleaner or Rem Oil with Moisture Guard.

2. They're made for regular use.
After each shot, swab out the bore of your muzzleloader with Patch and Bore. Not only does this remove powder and fouling before it has a chance to gum up, the shiny bore helps the next bullet load much easier.

3. They work hand-in-hand.
After your last shot of the day, use a Patch and Bore and then follow up with a Patch and Lube swabbing. The inside of your barrel is clean and lubed for the next hunt.

4. No strings attached.
The pre-cut patches don’t fray and leave a bunch of cloth strings behind.    

5. They will save you time.
Now, your in-line breech plug still needs to be removed, cleaned and lubed. You are still going to need to brush out the bore from time to time. But both processes, I found on a recent blackpowder deer hunt, are easier and faster thanks to the Patch and Bore and Patch and Lube I used.

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