First Look: Element Ultra Treestand

posted on August 30, 2022
Element Ultra

Elevate Stand Company, makers of 100-percent American-made treestands and accessories, has announced the release of its Element Ultra Treestand. At just 6.25 pounds of 6061-T6 aluminum, the Element Ultra will get you right into their bedroom no matter how far that might be from the road. A secure, rigid set can be achieved with ratchet or cam-buckle installation, depending on preference. An adjustable base and seat can be altered to remain flat, allowing the stand to be mounted into almost any tree.

Another advantage is Elevate’s Ascend Climbing Sticks easily attach to the stand, while still leaving room for your backpack and the ability to enjoy a comfortable hike. 

Its color permits the Ultra to disappear into a wide range of foliage and surroundings. This combined with its quiet nature makes the treestand perfect for bowhunters who prefer public land, or any type of stealthy hang and hunt situation. For more information, visit MSRP: $419


Vermont Flag With Suppressors
Vermont Flag With Suppressors

Hunting Suppressed Now Permanently Legal in Vermont

On June 6th, Vermont hunters gained the permanent right to use suppressors in the field when Gov. Phil Scott signed House Bill 878 into law, thus removing a sunset provision installed in Senate Bill 281 in 2022 that temporarily legalized their use.

First Look: G9 Defense .308 Winchester 145-grain Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point

Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point from G9 Defense is built to provide exceptional barrier penetration, great expansion and 18 inches of target penetration with nearly 100-percent weight retention.

Latest DNR Survey Shows Stable Wolf Population in Michigan

The 2024 winter wolf population survey estimate from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources found a minimum of 762 wolves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.), demonstrating a continued trend of statistical stability in Michigan’s wolf population.

Wisconsin DNR Sued over Firearm Prohibition on Waterways

Late last week, the Wisconsin Institute for Life and Liberty filed a case against Acting Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Steven Little, to prohibit enforcement of Wis. Admin. Code NR 20.05(2).

NRA Applauds Defeat of Vermont Bill That Would Stack Fish and Wildlife Board Against Hunting

Vermont senate bill that would stack fish and wildlife board with non-hunters is defeated.

Review: DoubleTap Ammuntion's DT SnakeShot Revolver Loads

This new series of pest control round fires birdshot along with a hardcast lead solid for added punch. B. Gil Horman tests its performance in six of its seven available chamberings.


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