First Look: CCI 10mm Auto Pest Control Shotshells

posted on January 26, 2024
CCI 10Mm Auto Pest Control Shotshells Lead

Whether used for ridding pests from a garden, or in a suburban setting where shooting distances need to be short, or for summertime hikes in country where venomous snakes call home, CCI’s shotshell pistol cartridges have always been a handy tool to carry. Using a non-reloadable aluminum case, with a plastic cap over the payload of fine shot—usually either No. 9 or No. 12, though there have been No. 4 shotshells offered—the CCI Pest Control shotshells give just enough of a pattern to sort out serpents or wreck a rat.

For years, I have carried a couple of these shotshells in the cylinder of my S&W Model 36 in .38 Special when surveying in the remote areas inhabited by rattlesnakes. I haven’t had the need to use them, and perhaps I’m overly concerned about an encounter, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, as some colleagues have been less fortunate. Experimenting with the snub-nose revolver, I have found that the CCI Pest Control Shotshells will give a pattern of about 10 inches in diameter at three paces, and that pattern is dense enough to kill snakes, rats, red squirrels and other nuisance animals up close.

New for 2024, CCI has extended the Pest Control Shotshell line to include an offering for the 10mm Auto cartridge, featuring 105 grains of No. 9 shot. The case has an integral mock “projectile” to aid in reliable feeding in the autoloaders, where the cartridges designed for revolvers use a rounded or squared plastic cap over the shot load. Now your favorite 10mm Auto carry gun can be easily put to use in the eradication of pests and potential hazards. Sold in 10-count boxes.

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