First Look: BarrelBuddy Bore Cleaners

posted on September 30, 2019
Looking to put a new twist on firearm care, BarrelBuddy has released a line of bore cleaners it hopes will relegate the age-old cleaning patch to the dustbin. Constructed from two separate stages of polymer, the cylindrical BarrelBuddy is designed to provide firm, 360-degree contact down the entire length of your barrel. This high-compression fit pushes into the rifling to scrub out carbon-fouling and other such buildup, rather than simply gliding over top the grooves as traditional cleaning patches sometimes do. Additionally, thanks to their polymer material, BarrelBuddy leaves no lint behind, unlike cotton patches. 
These American-made accessories are fully-disposable, so they wont track previously cleaned dirt down the barrel like that old bore rope. Simply push it through with a jag and rod (either wet or dry, depending on your preferred method of cleaning), then toss it when all the grime is cleared. BarrelBuddy bore cleaners come in a variety of sizes—seven to be exact—to fit bores from .220" to .770".

In addition to all these features, five dollars of every BarrelBuddy order goes to 22KILL, a charity dedicated to making an impact on the staggering number of veteran suicides (22 being the number of veterans who take their own lives every day). For more information on the great work 22KILL is doing, please visit their website at, and for more on BarrelBuddy products, check out MSRP: $11.98/bag


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